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Bank Message Service

Updated September 2012

1. Service Summary

BBCN Bank Message Service delivers transaction details to you via your preferred delivery method whenever a pre-selected type of transaction occurs on your bank account. Message Service can provide the following services:

  1. Alert for Low Balance
  2. Alert for NSF Balance
  3. Alert for Wire Received
  4. Alert for Posted Check(s) including check number and amount
  5. Alert for ACH Credit/Debit transaction
  6. Alert for Debit Card (POS purchase)/ATM transaction

You can receive Message Service via email, text message, and message box in Online Banking. If you change your email address or phone number, you need to update them in Messenger Service immediately in order to secure your banking data. You may not receive messages when there is a problem with your system, internet service, or telephone service.

2. Message Service Type

  1. BBCN Alert for ACH Credit: notifies you when an ACH credit transaction occurs on your account.
  2. BBCN Alert for ACH Debit: notifies you when an ACH debit transaction occurs on your account.
  3. BBCN Alert for ATM Withdrawal: notifies you when an ATM Cash transaction occurs on your account.
  4. BBCN Alert for Current Balance: notifies you current balance on your account.
  5. BBCN Alert for Low Balance: notifies you when your account balance falls below a pre-selected limit.
  6. BBCN Alert for NSF Balance: notifies you when your account balance is insufficient.
  7. BBCN Alert for POS Transaction: notifies you when a POS transaction occurs with ATM Card on your account (It may not notify if the transaction processes without PIN Code).
  8. BBCN Alert for Presented Check(s): notifies you when a check(s) is presented with a check number and description.
  9. Alert for Wire Received: notifies you when an incoming wire transaction occurs on your account.

3. Message Delivery Method

1. E-Mail: if you want to receive message service by email, select ‘E-mail’ in the ‘Send To’ field and type your email address in ‘E-mail Address’ field.

2. Online Message: if you want to receive messages via Internet Banking, select ‘Online’ in ‘Send To’ field.

3. Text Message: If you want to receive messages on your cellular phone, select ‘Email’ in the ‘Send To’ field and type your Cell Phone Number and Phone Company’s domain in ‘E-mail Address’ field. That is: Type ‘' The domain name is defined according to your cellular phone service provider, as following:


AT & T:

Boost Mobile:



PCS One:

Sprint PCS:




If you can’t find your cellular phone service provider in the above list, contact BBCN Bank E-Banking Department by phone or inquire by using the ‘Chatting Service’ on the BBCN Bank home page.

4. How to Use Message Service

In order to start Message Service, you need to login to BBCN Bank Internet Banking. As shown in the following screen shot, Message related menus are located at the top left of your Internet Banking screen. To create a new message, follow the instruction below.

1. Click ‘New’ in message menu box or select a desired account then click ‘New.'

2. Select the desired message type from the drop down menu and click ‘Next.'

3. Click ‘Finish’ after checking your account number and filling out the required fields. Then, click ‘Done’ to confirm.

If you click ‘DDA’ in message menu box,

You can view the status of messages created previously. Click the ‘View, Edit, or Delete’ button to view, change or delete a message. Click ‘New’ to create a new message.

If you click ‘Messages’ as circled in red below,

You can view the message as shown below. Click on any desired message to view detail.

5. Setup Screen for each Message Service Type

1. Alert for ACH Credit: Check your email address and click ‘Finish’. You will be notified whenever there is an ACH credit transaction.

2. Alert for Low Balance: Click ‘Finish’ after checking your email address and type the desired amount in ‘Current Balance’ field. For example, if you input $1,000 in the ‘Current Balance’ field, you will be notified whenever your balance falls below $1,000.