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Specialty Accounts

Money Service Business Checking (MSB)

A versatile account ideal for all business types that have a moderate volume of activity and a steady account balance. This checking product can help make running your business a breeze with no service charge when minimum balance requirements are met. 

Minimum Opening Deposit: $100
Monthly Service Charge: Please contact your nearest branch for more information


  • Allows for high volume and frequency of cash transactions
  • Analyzed monthly statement
  • Service charges are offset by earnings credit balance


This product is available as an Attorney-Client Trust Account only.

Minimum Opening Deposit: $100
Monthly Maintenance Charge: $10
Activity Charge: $0.25 per check or withdrawal


  • Free account access through BBCN Bank's Online Banking service
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Full access to BBCN Bank’s services

Eliminate Monthly Service Fee by Maintaining a Minimum Daily Balance of $2,500 or an average daily balance of $10,000*

Go Green & Save! Enroll in eStatement and reduce your Monthly Maintenance Charge by $3.

The content of this page is informational only. Account is subject to approval. The terms of the account, including any fees or features, are subject to change without prior notice except as required by law. Refer to product disclosure for the terms and conditions associated with the product. Other fees and charges may apply. The account is covered by FDIC insurance up to the maximum allowed by law. *Average Daily Balance is calculated by adding the principle balance in the account for each of the statement cycle and dividing the total amount by the number of days in the statement cycle. **Access through the BBCN Bank, Allpoint and MoneyPass networks are free; however, a fee may be charged for access through other ATM networks and may vary depending on the network provider. ***Transfer of funds from this account to another, or to a third party by preauthorized, automatic, or telephone transfers, check, draft, debit card or similar order are limited to six (6) per statement cycle. Each debit in excess of limitation will be imposed a $10.00 fee. BBCN Bank reserves the right to convert your account to a non-interest bearing account or to close the account if permitted withdrawals or transfers are exceeded frequently.