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How to Enroll in eStatements

If you would like to receive your bank statements electronically, you can enroll in the eStatement program.

1. When you ‘Sign Up’ for Online Banking, you will be offered an opportunity to enroll in eStatement automatically. Select the desired account(s), verify your email address, and choose ‘click here’ to view the eStatement disclosure. If you select ‘Ask Me Later,' you will be offered the option to auto enroll after 15 days.

2. Review the disclosure and click ‘Accept’ to proceed.

3. You will see a confirmation screen when the enrollment for eStatement is completed.

4. After you enroll in eStatement, BBCN Bank will send an e‐mail notification when your eStatement is available for viewing. To access your eStatement, login to Online Banking, select the account number with the eStatement, and click ‘Statements’ from the menu bar.

5. If you choose the 'Checking Account eStatement Document Type,' you will view an electronic version of your paper statement. If you choose the 'DDA Statement Document Type,' you will view an electronic version of your text-based statement, which will not include the BBCN Bank logo or other disclosures.

If you have any questions while enrolling in Online Banking, please call 1‐800‐788‐4580.